Catamount Corporation works to enhance the relationship between brokers and their clients. We offer a bilingual benefit enrollment solution to communicate changes in benefits plans, educate employees about their benefit package, and offer a wide array of supplemental benefit options. We specialize in one-on-one enrollment meetings in the workplace while minimizing disruptions in worker productivity. Our clients have come to value our expertise and consistently high level of performance.

Why Offer Supplemental Benefits to your clients?

As the health insurance industry continues to evolve, and consumer driven health plans make greater inroads on the employee benefit landscape, employees have a greater interest and need for supplemental benefits. Today, nearly 3 in 5 employees in the American workforce participate in voluntary benefits at work. In 2006, more than $4 billion of employee money was shifted into such plans. We believe that this trend toward voluntary benefits will continue to grow as businesses struggle with increasingly costly employee benefits.

We work in conjuction with brokers to:

  • Understand each company's unique benefits-related problems and create added value
  • Implement and manage our solutions in a way that saves companies both time and money

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